Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Happiness Startup.

I have found another great post on Elite Daily, this time by Gurbaksh Chahal that I wanted to share with you.

In his article Gurbaksh quoted a famous writer who once said "“Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” Concluding that we should let passion dictate the 86,400 seconds you share with the world each day.

With a new year quickly approaching and perhaps new resolutions to be made for the upcoming 2014 here are some quick steps that could encourage you to do more of what makes your happy, taking steps to transform your lifestyle. As I learnt at the conference I recently attended it is better to be a specialist rather than a generalist. Everybody has their own set of talents, skills and interests that are instinctly natural and enjoyable for that one particular person. Whether you are a great writer or dancer, perhaps you have an interest in mechanics or baking, digital media or photography. Take the time over this holiday period to focus in on what it is you know you are already great at and have always had an interest in, come at it with your business mindset, combine the two and there you go! Stay at it and soon doing what you love will provide you with all you can desire. The trick though is to stay at it! It is not necessarily the idea that is worth $1000000 but it is in the execution.

1. Unplug The wired and technological means of the internet and social media keep us connected in ways people never thought possible. But with SO much available online you need to learn to unplug from time to time and take time to smell the roses. Spend quality time with the people who matter, don't just "like" their activities on facebook or instagram and really appreciate the real things in your life.

2. Keep on Learning: Challenge yourself, keep your mind active. Open your mind and keep it open. Remember: There is nothing you can’t do. When others see obstacles, look for opportunities. Dream big. Hustle harder.

3. Give Back: Remind yourself of the blessings you have and what you should be grateful for, including all the basic things we take for granted. It also allows you to contribute to something greater than yourself. And, whatever you believe in – a higher power, the law of attraction or just karma, this will further fuel your success.

4. Stop Thinking So Much: It’s alright not to know all the answers. The answers will come to you when you least expect them. Trust your gut. We are complicated creatures. That inexplicable feeling you get sometimes—well, it tends to be right fairly often. Try not to overanalyze it. Some mysterious Inner You is trying to help out by pointing you in the right direction. And, remember, time heals almost everything: give it time.

5. Be Greatful: The only person in charge of your happiness is you. Count your blessings, not your problems. Be grateful, because if you’re reading this, you’re already way ahead of billions others in this world. It doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full; the only thing that matters is that you have a glass and your responsible for what you pour into it.

6. Cherish Your Loved Ones : They teach us to become better people – to become he best possible version of ourselves and remind us what’s worth fighting for. They are also our biggest fans during our ups and supporters during our down moments.

7. Make Peace With Your Past: So it won’t disturb your present. Own your mistakes. At the end of the day, every decision you make, even the bad ones, are your responsibility. One of lifes big lessons : When you fall, Get back up!

8. What Other People Think Of You :
is none of your business. Live in such a way, that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it. Being invisible and successful is the ultimate power.

9. Be Authentic. Too many people try to fake who they really are and that will disappoint you.
Have your filter on. Always surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. Authenticity is hard to find. But, when you do find it, hold on to it. As someone once said, “Fame is vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wing, but only character endures.”

10. Forgive : most people believe in revenge, but I’ve realized that’s just negative energy that precludes happiness. We all run into people in our lives that test us, use us, hurt us or even disappoint us, but revenge doesn’t serve a purpose. Never regret a single character in your journey. If they weren’t part of your destination, they were just preparation.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make In Your 20's.

I was forwarded an article yesterday that was called "The 20 Mistakes You Don't Want To Make In Your 20's" and wanted to share a few of the mistakes they listed that I thought were most relevant to The Innovation Generation.

This article by Preston Waters on Elite Daily described ones 20's by saying "This is the time for you to hustle, scrap and fight for the life that you want for yourself."

Below are our top favourite mistakes not to make!

Number 20: Working for money, not for building your dreams.
Never do anything just because it’s convenient for you. Look to challenge yourself and build your own dream instead of building someone else’s. Even if it doesn’t exactly make sense now, create something with great value so you can cash out big.

Always look to the future and never for immediate compensation. What are you going to do with those weekly wages anyways? Stop being so entitled and pretending like you deserve cash, prizes and vacations just yet. You will soon realize once you’ve made it that making money doesn’t make you happy. It’s the journey.

Number 16. Not caring because you only live once — that’s for fools
We all are guilty of irrational decision-making in our 20s. Fast people and fast times with money in your pocket always lead to over-extending yourself.

A life of partying, heavy drugs and pretty much having that YOLO attitude will leave you flat on your ass. Get focused and lock into what you’re supposed to be doing. If you don’t know what that is, then you better figure it out ASAP.

Number 13. Blaming anyone else but yourself for anything in life
Hold yourself accountable for everything. At the end of the day, all you have in the world is yourself — so go hard. Don’t look to anyone for answers and instead of making problems, create solutions.

Whether it was that job you wanted, the funding you needed or the love you think you can’t live without, there is no one that can be held accountable in this universe except for you.

Number 12. Getting comfortable like you actually deserve down time
Unless you’re chilling with Victoria’s Secret models in Monaco this weekend, you shouldn’t even be thinking about taking a break anytime soon. You need a vacation?

What have you accomplished? Mark Cuban spent seven years building out his first business before he even took a break. Don’t get lazy now.

Number 5. Holding on to friends that waste your time and add no value to your life
You’ll be sucked down into the abyss right with them if you don’t cut the fat of the group. Family and friends could have been great to you as a child, but if they no longer hold the value and inspiration that is needed for you to thrive in life, then cut them loose.

The only individuals you should be surrounding yourself with are those that challenge your ideas and motivate you to find the next solution to your problems. No, not the pessimistic assh*les who shoot down your ideas with their negativity, but rather the ones who genuinely want to see you succeed no matter what you do in life.

If you want to view the entire article and the points that weren't included here, you can check it out on Elite Daily.

Monday, October 14, 2013

More than just a pretty face. Meet Mia for Moxie #oneforthegirls

Name : Mia Klitsas
Position: Founder of Millie and More Pty Ltd and Moxie.
Location: Melbourne, Australia.
Facebook :

Hashtag: #oneforthegirls

A little while ago, I had the pleasure to speak to Mia, one of the co- founders and directors of Millie and More Pty Ltd the makers and marketers of the very well known Moxie brand. Being only 22, when she launched her now international business, we thought her story would be perfect to share with you all, representing everything The Innovation Generation is all about, a great story, a great business, lovely founders and the desire to give back!

If you haven't noticed it on supermarket shelves (where have you been?!), then Moxie products is a feminine hygiene product brand that comes beautifully packaged to avoid that need to “smuggle unfashionable, embarrassing products to the bathroom”. Having a love of fashion, interior design, art and all things feminine she thought to make an essential feminie product that is inevitable the ultimate accessory. “This is how Moxie was born, bringing a touch of style, fashion and modern femininity to an otherwise unfashionable category with often unrealistic, and patronising messaging.”

Moxie today has grown rapidly and has exported to overseas markets to the US, Europe and the Middle East, to come to the resuce of girls everywhere. 

If all that isn’t enough, Mia has built a partnership with AFRIpads to help provide safe and effective products for girls in Uganda and will provide a years worth of locally made , resusable santiary items to over 6000 girls in the six months.

“One in ten school girls in Africa skip school when they have their period, as they have no access to sanitary products”, Mia explains. “This means that they’re missing twenty percent of their school year and this has serious ramifications on their chance to thrive”. 

Read Mia’s story for our blog below.

I was really young when I started Moxie and in hindsight, a bit naïve, I think! Hence I don't think I was really prepared for much of what happened. I saw that there was a clear gap in the market for a fashionable, feminine and convenient product within the category and was thrilled to be accepted for ranging in Woolworths stores nationally for our launch. But when other retailers followed and soon after overseas retailers also - well, that still spins me out! I really am so grateful that Moxie has been so well received in women's handbags all around the world.

I had the idea for Moxie whilst I was still studying at uni and established my business, Millie & More about six months after I graduated. Six months after that, Moxie tampons were launched in Australia when I was 22.

Business grew quite quickly in the first year or two because we literally went from no stockists to launching in most of the major retailers in Australia. We knew that this would mean we may have to hold lots of stock to service them all, so we were as prepared as we could be. Since then, growth has been slower but fairly steady.

I knew absolutely nothing about running a business when I started - some days I wonder if much has changed?! It really is very challenging but I am continuously learning every day. Sure, you make mistakes, but you learn from them pretty quickly. Confidence grows as your knowledge does, but personally I think it's important to always be open to learning - you can only benefit. When we first started initially it was just myself and my business partner, Jeff. We are still a very small team of five, but we are all really hands on and do most things ourselves. Sourcing suppliers was really difficult. I was flying completely blind and really didn't know where to start. I did a lot of cold calling!

There have been so many exciting things that have happened at different times and I'm grateful for each of them - I couldn't possibly pick one as a stand out! A few that spring to mind are seeing Moxie products on the shelf at Wholefoods Market in New York City; the lovely e-mails I get from women all over the world expressing how much they love our products; but more recently I'm super excited and passionate about our One for the Girls initiative, whereby we are providing reusable pads to Ugandan school girls who otherwise do not have access to such products - as a result, they miss up to 20% of their school year, so our aim is to help them continue their education, uninterrupted, and realise their dreams.

Every day is so different at MoxieHQ, which is one of the reasons I love my job so much! Typically I would say that I check my e-mails first thing over a pot of green tea, have a team meeting or working session until lunch time and then generally by 3pm I'm fired up and ready to get heaps done before I head off home at around 7pm (on a good night!).

I'm so fortunate that I've been able to travel for my job, I'm not sure I would get the chance to do it otherwise. It can be really full on and stressful at times, but I've had the chance to see some beautiful places and launch Moxie in places I never would have dreamed of! Stockholm and New York are definitely stand outs. We're available now throughout the US, UAE and Europe.

The idea for Moxie stemmed from my own dissatisfaction with the products that were available to women at the time. I was sick of the patronising advertising that showed women running on the beach in white pants - it was all so unrealistic and in my view, so far from a woman's experience. Tampons and pads really are the ultimate female products but existing offerings were anything but. I saw a need to change all that and knew a lot of my friends felt the same – I just hoped that other women did too. And thankfully, they did!

We really have received incredible support from the media along the way and it’s so re-assuring to get lovely e-mails from women who say that they love our 'real' attitude towards periods. Unfortunately though, many publications still refuse to talk about it; which is a real shame, because a lot of young girls rely on these mediums for information and in some cases, advice. Periods are something that effect most women at some point in their lives and shouldn’t be something we’re embarrassed to talk about! We'll continue to work on it. Attitudes are shifting but there is still a long way to go. It's up to us to keep the conversation going.

Starting a new company and launching a new brand in an already really established market can be really tough, but I'd say managing cashflow is probably the biggest challenge because it’s something I had never had to do before.

I would say that anyone can have an idea; whilst it helps, I personally don't think you need to have formal qualifications or training to get an idea off the ground. If you have the drive to do it, you'll figure it out along the way. Do your research, write a solid business plan and don't be scared to go with your gut.

Mia about her initiative #oneforthegirls

I met Sophia, the co-founder of AFRIpads (a Ugandan based social organisation who manufacture reusable pads) a few months ago in Amsterdam. We hit it off immediately and realised immediately that together, we could work to provide a simple solution to such a huge issue; and that is, providing reusable menstrual pads to Ugandan school girls who otherwise would not have access to them.

I read an article from an online media publication that talked about the really high rates of school absenteeism amongst Ugandan school girls due to the fact that they do not have adequate means to help them manage their periods - as a result, they stay home and miss up to 20% of their school year, which has a huge impact on their academic potential and future. I had never really thought about it before and it was so heartbreaking to think that girls are missing out on the fundamental right to an education due to the lack of such a basic need. Immediately, I felt a sense of responsibility and the urge to act.

So we (at Moxie) decided that for every pack of Moxie Slenders Pads, Slenders Liners and Sleepovers pads that we sell in Australia, we will donate the equivalent amount of locally (Ugandan made) reusable pads to Ugandan school girls so that they can continue their schooling, uninterrupted, and get the education they deserve. AFRIpads will assist us to manufacture and distribute the pads locally to the girls that need them.

Mia during her recent trip in Uganda for her #oneforthegirls initiative and helping educate girls on basic menstrual health. Follow her the Moxie adventures on Instagram @moxiehq

AFRIpads currently employs a team of over 50 local Ugandan women who hand-make the reusable pads we will be donating. This is an incredibly important part of the initiative because by producing the pads locally, we are supporting the local economy, enhancing women’s skills and promoting their financial independence. 
It’s so simple. We’re not fundraising or asking for your time. Basically we are asking women to show their support for One for the Girls through their consumer choice to buy Moxie products.

I am going to sell pads anyway and have already made the promise to use a chunk of our profits to purchase and donate these pads to the girls that need them. Similarly, women are going to buy pads regardless – but by making the choice to purchase Moxie Slenders Pads, Slenders Liners and Sleepovers pads, you are helping us reach our goal of supporting 6,000 Ugandan school girls over the next six months, each with a year’s supply of reusable pads.

For every pack of the above Moxie products we sell in Australia, we will donate the equivalent amount of reusable cloth pads to school girls in Uganda. The more we sell, the more we donate. Oh and of course, please tell all your friends about #OneForTheGirls!

The Innovation Generation

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Triangl Swimwear with Erin Deering

Business: Triangl
Founders: Erin Deering & Craig Ellis
Established: 2012
Location : Hong Kong
Website :
Instagram: @triangl_swimwear

On the idea...... The idea for Triangl came about on our second date at the beach! I couldn't find a bikini I liked enough (because I wanted to impress Craig) and so we started talking about the gap we saw in the market for affordable, fashionable swimwear - and a year later, we launched the label!

On the possibility of new brands to the market..... There is ALWAYS room for one more new brand! Many more! It's all about finding that gap in the market, that niche category - that isn't really catered to by someone else. This isn't limited to swimwear, but across all areas in fashion really!

On the topic of finding reputable manufacturers and suppliers...... Craig has had over 10 years experience in dealing with suppliers and manufacturers and all aspects of this part of the business - as he has had his own label previously. In terms of suppliers, he had previous contacts but still needed to do a lot in terms of sourcing the right people to make our swimwear and meet our requirements. It was a long and laborious process to get every little detail sorted, there is no quick way to do things - it takes time and 100% commitment to making it work!

On the finer things... Craig has an amazing ability with his attention to detail, and that's so important when starting a label as it's the little things that really count! It's basically a lot of trial and error before getting a collection ready to sell! We are still always finding ways to do things better and fine-tuning everything - I don't think that part of the business will ever stop, nor should it!

"The most important lesson I have learnt through Triangl is that mistakes are inevitable and that they will happen!"

This was hard to deal with in the beginning, because obviously you are so hard on yourself when things don't work out how you thought they would or planned them to! But the best thing about making a mistake, whether it be in design, production, selling etc - is you quickly learn how to do it better and make it work for next time. Mistakes are actually the best thing in the end, because you always gain from it in terms of doing things better from that point on!

Moving to Hong Kong was critical in this part of our business. Craig had the foresight, from having so much previous experience, to know that we just needed to be close to our factory and warehouse and suppliers. So if there were any issues, meeting them face to face wasn't difficult. It meant solving problems far quicker and easier than if we had been in Australia. Working with our suppliers and manufacturers requires constant attention (I'm actually in our factory right now!) and constant management. But we wouldn't have it any other way!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meet Tully Humphrey : Healthnut, yogi and creative go getter!

Name : Tully Humphrey
Business: Tully Lou Active Wear and Yoga Wear
Position: Founder/Creative Director/ Designer/Yoga Teacher
Business Location: Melbourne, Australia / Online Store.
Instagram: @tullylou
Twitter: @tully_lou

In 5 words I would describe myself as healthnut, yogi, friendly, creative and a go getter! I didn’t go to uni or tafe, I started out at Melbourne School of Fashion, and was lucky enough to obtain a job in the rag trade early on before my course’s had finished! Along the way I have been a production assistant, model booker, creative agent and producer assistant, retail and stylist assistant! I was a bit of an all rounder!

I always loved the idea of incorporating my name into the label. My middle name is Louise therefore the element Lou in Tully Lou. I decided to venture into creating an active wear/yoga wear range when I started yoga a few years ago, I realised there was a niche in the market for really cool fun fashion forward activewear. I really just want to help women to live an active lifestyle.. by dressing in clothing that makes you feel good and motivates you to go outside or go to the gym. When you look good, you feel good.

I LOVE to travel. I spend a lot of time in Bali for work! I love the culture, the beaches, the creativity, all the YOGA and the food is so good! I also just got back from an amazing holiday in Greece – I fell in love was an amazing trip. I get inspiration from people around me, travelling and blogs!

My mum is my biggest role model - WOW what a super woman! Growing up in my household mum always made sure my sister and I lived a healthy lifestyle, by eating fresh and healthy food. We were never allowed to have sugary cerels, soft drinks etc unless it was our birthdays!! I found yoga when I was about 15 yrs old and my passion for it comes from myself. I love the way it calms the mind, it's very grounding and energising.

The first things I had to do before launching my business were registerting my business name (TULLY LOU) and telling my mum and dad. I had to tell them I was quitting my job heading to Bali to start my own clothing label (SHOCK HORRRROR!!!) The hardest part of the start up was probably not letting people get me down by saying negative comments about starting a clothing business, and not believing in myself.

I initially seeked advice from my dad and mum. My familes opionions are always very high on my list. Also I have a lot of amazing people around me that offered a helping hand. So I’m very grateful to have met these people through teaching yoga. I have always wanted to work for myself and be my own boss so in order to achieve this I started TULLY LOU!I love the quote "Your dream job does not exist, you must create it."

Seeing people in my gear is the best part of having my own label!! It makes me smile I love it. Also I love hearing feedback from girls about how I have inspired them – THAT’S THE BEST!!I live and breathe TULLY LOU through my yoga, healthy eating and of course the clothing.. It’s a great way to inspire women around the world and get this healthy wellness message out there!! I honestly didn't expect people to respond as well as they did. I design all my garments myself. I always want to make sure that each garment has a bit of my style and personality in it. Then I think about the TL customer…. Can they move in it? Is it flattering? Will it motivate them to move?

I will be honest finding suppliers and manufactuers for my clothing wasn’t easy.. but now I have an amazing agent who is awesome!! I get along with her really well and she understands me and the brand! I don't wish I had of known anything different prior to starting Tully Lou.I am here to learn one season at a time!

I think the most valuable lesson I have learned in my Tully Lou journey so far is to just always believe in yourself! For those who are considering sarting their own business, just do it and don't look back! What is there to lose a little money? At least you know you gave it a go!

If you could have any job in the world what it be… It can already exist or you can make a new one up all together is such a hard question! There is no other job I would like to have. I have my dream job right now ;)Ahhh, there is so much I love about my job! The creativity, travel, the hours, the product testing! I can head to the gym or a class for work and of course meeting inspiring people.

In the future I would love to branch out the TULLY LOU brand and conduct seminars/workshops for girls recovering from eating disorders and continue to get this healthy word out into the world!! Life’s way too short.